Spinning straw into gold
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Who we are

Fantasy Fibre Mill connects regenerative agriculture to ethical fashion, producing natural fibre yarn which is grown, processed and spun in the UK. We aim to disrupt the extractive and exploitative fashion supply chain and instead produce textiles which nurture the local environment and community. So far we have grown a hectare of flax, built three prototype processing machines, made lots of yarn samples and undertaken a big research project into the viability of building a soil-to-soil textile economy in the UK. Have a look at the links below to find out more!


Rosie Bristow is a seamstress, farmer and flax enthusiast (spinner and weaver), recently graduated from Heriot Watt Uni with an MSc in Fashion and Textile management.



Nick Evans is a fashion designer, maker and software engineer. He is the founder of clothing brand First Principals, who make clothing from natural linens and plant dyes all stitched in London.


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